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Budget Spreadsheet Software Overview

Everybody should have a budget for their income and expenses so they can keep track of their money better. Whether its personal or for business, budget software can be very important.

I created a budget spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel in Windows to take care of this. I wanted it to be simple, yet informative and easy to use.

Below is an overview of each tab and how it works:

On this page you enter in your budget information to columns A to C. When you enter frequency, it fills in for all the months. You can write over that if you need it to change monthly. You can also overwrite the Income or Expenses to whatever you want it to say.
Here you enter in the actual income and expenses as they happen to columns A to C.
There are 2 comparison tabs where all your budget and actual information flows to. There is one that shows the budget and actual numbers for the current month and one tab that shows Year to Date numbers.
This tab is the interactive dashboard. You pick the month and you will get 8 charts and graphs showing various visual information on it.