how to build lineup optimizer spreadsheet

Please watch the video below to see how to build a spreadsheet lineup optimizer tool in Excel. I use Golf as the example but this can be used on any sport. This video covers the basics of what you need to build a good lineup optimizer tool.  To see the complete course which goes intoContinue reading “how to build lineup optimizer spreadsheet”

the top 20 excel functions you need to know if youre an excel user

Top 15 Excel Functions you need to know Excel functions can greatly enhance your ability to perform tasks in day to day activities in Excel.  While the are hundreds of functions out there, I feel there are 15 functions that all Excel users should know.  Whether you are an office worker, or a small businessContinue reading “the top 20 excel functions you need to know if youre an excel user”

How to Format Slicers in your Excel Dashboard

In this video I show how to customize the format of a Slicer.  Slicers are used in Excel Dashboards as a filter.  It’s a cleaner way to filter through your data. You can format slicers to look like the rest of your dashboard but it isn’t always easy or straight forward.  You need to goContinue reading “How to Format Slicers in your Excel Dashboard”

Create Sample Data in Excel for your Dashboard or Project

Sometimes you have a project which needs a lot of data but you don’t know where to find data to suit your needs. You may need something specific and in those cases it is best to create the data yourself. But making the data unique and random and usable isn’t easy.   Check out this videoContinue reading “Create Sample Data in Excel for your Dashboard or Project”