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Hi, my name is Joe. In addition to offering video courses and spreadsheet tools on daily fantasy sports, I also do consulting on a few topics. My rates are competitive and I can help you or your company out in many different aspects. Contact me below for more information.

About me/Background

I have been working in finance and accounting full time for 20 years. During that time, I have learned Excel and Access and Powerpoint and then took it to the next level to become advanced in them.

I have created numerous financial projects involving Excel, Access and Powerpoint. I will list more examples below. I have also learned VBA to make these more interactive.

In addition to using Microsoft products on financial projects, I have also created my own Excel products and brand under Excelbyjoe. I have a Youtube channel with 1500 subscribers and 400,000 views on my Excel tutorials.

I also created advanced Excel spreadsheet tools for people to use who play daily fantasy sports at http://www.OptimizeLineups.com. I also have created a video course teaching these advanced Excel tasks for fantasy sports at http://www.SpreadsheetSchoolDFS.com

I am married, in my 40s and have 2 kids who fill up my time. I have a full time accounting job but I am looking to do consulting work also. While I don’t have tons of consulting clients so far, I have plenty of experience.

My consulting Services

The services I can do consulting on are as follows:

  1. Excel – This is what I am most familiar with. I have used it in the financial and accounting world along with personal businesses like fantasy sports and other small business projects. I have plenty of experience with pivot tables, financial analysis, advanced Excel formulas, macros, VBA (Visual Basic), data forecasting and more. I also can do this in Google Sheets as well.
  2. Excel VBA – as I mentioned above, I can assist with advanced macros and programming to really make your spreadsheets interactive.
  3. Powerpoint – I have created numerous financial reporting powerpoint presentations. These have involved presentations to teach people how to use different applications, display financial results and projections, and making pitches on how the business should perform. I also have created presentations outside of the financial world to make training videos or informational presentations for Youtube
  4. Training Excel – I have numerous videos on learning Excel on my Youtube channel and video course and feel I can help train users on using Excel.

Sample projects I have worked on

The easiest way you can see my work in action is to look at my two websites.

http://www.OptimizeLineups.com – this is a spreadsheet tool which pulls in data daily and calculates optimal lineups for fantasy sports. There’s many advanced features to this. If you go on the site, you can read more about it.

http://www.SpreadsheetSchoolDFS.com – this course teaches Excel tactics to fantasy sport players. I have many positive reviews on this site. These two sites should show that I have plenty of knowledge in using Excel and VBA.

I have create many Powerpoint slideshows in my financial work. I can’t show them as they are proprietary but they have included presentations to show financial results, training slides to teach a software, pitches to decisions to take based on financial trends and various accounting trainings. I have also done some slideshows in the non-financial world which I can show. I made about 15 presentations about baseball card price analysis which is on a Youtube channel at : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCqKRmvGg7UIMZ3R0KuzN-w/videos


Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my consulting work. I have a lot of experience in the items I mentioned above and that knowledge can help you in your projects. While I have a full time job now, I work when I have time late at night and am still available throughout the day to discuss the project. I am good with keeping deadlines and keeping you up to date on how it is going.

You can contact me at: Excelbyjoe@gmail.com I can give you my phone number after you email me.